Définition des termes concernant le domaine des impressions sous TS et Citrix

Voici une liste de définition des termes concernant le domaine des impressions en environnement TS et Citrix


Petit exemple :

Print Device: A physical device that prints text or images on paper or other media. A print device can be physically connected to a server, a client, a computer, or directly to the network.

A logical representation of a print device. For example, printers are seen in the Windows Printers and Faxes dialog.

Local Printer: A printer that represents a print device directly connected to a machine (for example, to a LPT, USB, COM, or TCP/IP port). All processing, including spooling, de-spooling, and job management are handled by the same machine that generates the print job.

Cela peut toujours aider à la compréhension…