Citrix France - Recrutement de consultants


Citrix France recherche des Consultants dans trois domaines : logiciel, réseau et cloud

l’anglais est indispensable, une excellente connaissance des produits Citrix pour la position de “Principal Consultant” est requise. Pour la position Networking, la connaissances des produits Citrix n’est pas demandée mais une forte expérience dans les équipements réseau est demandée. Pour la position Cloud, une expérience dans le domaine est recherchée, avec de plus des connaissances en .Net et PowerShell.

j’ai mis ci-dessous le job description officiel du poste de Principal Consultant. Pour info, environ 70% des missions sont en région parisienne. Postes tous basés à Paris La Défense. N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous souhaitez plus d’info!!

Position Summary

The Principal Consultant leads internal and customer-facing projects of medium to large-size or complexity.

Principal Consultants often lead all aspects and the development of project deliverables of internal projects

(system integration, whitepapers, scalability and performance tests) to a large extent and can lead most

customer engagements. The Principal Consultant effectively and accurately scopes internal and customer

facing projects and identifies and positions follow-on work at customers and with stakeholders. The Principal

Consultant has developed the foundational skills of consulting and is highly proficient in at least one major

Citrix product and the adjacent technologies. The position requires an individual to utilize their skills in the

consulting methodology, server-based computing concepts, documentation standards and organization, time

management, Citrix products and technologies, software installation, and networking skills on internal

Consulting Solutions assignments or client engagements. The Principal Consultant can individually solve

problems of higher complexity and assist and guide more junior resources through their problem resolutions.

The position requires a team player that seeks to supplement their skills through the use of project experience,

self-study manuals, and point of need training. Good written and verbal communication skills are also


Primary Duties / Responsibilities

The Principal Consultant leads all aspects of projects of medium complexity and takes responsibility for

sections of projects of high-complexity.

• Plans and leads all aspects of basic and intermediate projects.

• Proactively detects technical deficiencies and develops practical, workable solutions to problems.

• Establishes himselfherself as a technical expert with varying industry knowledge.

• Takes full responsibility for overall execution and delivery of critical tasks or projects

• Helps team members, customers and stakeholders understand the connection between industry events / trends and what is going on at Citrix.

• Creates an environment where others feel it is safe to be open and candid, and where conflicting ideas and opinions are regularly discussed.

• Conveys the Citrix vision in very real and relevant terms that others can identify with, helping others

see how things will improve as the “future state” draws near.

• Stays focused on department and Citrix strategic priorities and allocates their time and resources


• Works with and through others to consistently break down barriers between departments.

• Works actively on mentoring and team development with more junior team members.

Qualifications and Requirements

Qualifications (knowledge, skills, abilities)

• Capable of planning and leading all aspects of basic and intermediate projects.

• Proficient in the aspects of project launch and closure.

• Ability to act as technical expert

• Demonstrated ability to coach and mentor

• Proactively seek ways to expand technical knowledge

• Possesses professional maturity and presence

• Good technical, problem solving, and communication skills.

Requirements (Education, Certification, Training, and Experience)

• Bachelor of Science from an accredited university or equivalent experience

• 1-3 yrs experience as a Senior Consultant or equivalent experience.

• Positive customer service attitude

• Willing to travel 50% of the time including international travel for corporate role and 70-80% travel

within the GEO for GEO-based roles.

• CCEA and MCSE/MCITP certifications preferred

• Fluent French and excellent English mandatory